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Ad ID: 100946-12261 Posted on 9/17/2007 Expires on 10/29/2007
Addams Famiy Pinball Machine
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 Contact Information
Posted by: Jamba6
Phone: 972-672-7799
Location: Mckinney Texas
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 Ad Description
Fully described below. Serious inquiries call Jim at 972-672-7799.

The Addams Family Pinball
Mfr Date: 1991 – Bally

Qty Made: Production Game – Approximately 22,000 were made.

Designer: Pat Lawlor

Artwork: John Youssi

Reasons We Like This Game: The Addams Family is the most popular pinball game ever made! As you may have guessed, it's based on the smash hit movie from the same year. The Addams Family is a fun game to play because it's completely LOADED with lots of great sound bytes from the movie. A fairly deep rule set and lots of great shots! 4 Flippers, 5 jet bumpers, 3 magnets underneath the playfield (for "The Power"), cool sound effects and of course "Thing" which grabs your ball! Great for the family environment, Addams Family also has FOUR different types of multi-ball play!

Special Features: The Addams Family was one of the first pinballs to use magnets hidden underneath the playfield (this game uses three!) These magnets pulse randomly to move and displace the ball. This is a cool feature that almost always takes you by surprise because you never know which way the ball will go! It also has a magnet inside Thing’s hand so he can pick up your ball and lock it for a later multi-ball. The game also incorporates several optical sensors that detect the ball. In certain modes the game actually “flips” the ball for you during the “Thing Flips mode!" Watching the ball get flipped by the small upper left flipper WITHOUT the player having to flip it is a pretty neat feat! Add to this all of the voices of characters in the game and you have one great pinball game... Many say this is one of the best pinball games ever made! Definitely a staple in any collectors collection!

COLLECTORS NOTE: This is outfitted with the Addams Family “GOLD Roms”, to make this pinball game play like an Addams Family Gold Pinball (The Addams Family Gold Pinball was a limited Edition pinball that was released in 1992 in which only 1000 units were produced to commemorate the success of the Addams Family Pinball.) Installing these roms makes the machine play exactly like Addams Family Gold. This gives the game additional voices, animation, and more sound effects than the regular production model!

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