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Ad ID: 100941-12255 Posted on 8/29/2007 Expires on 10/10/2007
For Trade or Sale: 6 Player X-Men
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 Contact Information
Posted by: tkd27
Location: West Haven Connecticut
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 Ad Description
Looking to trade a 6 Player X-men for any working game.

I'm in Connecticut, New Haven area. I really don't
have the means to transport this, but can probably rent something to meet someone half way if needed. I'd also sell it if someone really wants to buy it. Just let me know.

The machine is not in the best of condition, but I think could be easily fixed by someone who knows what he's doing (I have no clue what I'm doing).

The game has been sitting in a friends garage for years, but I'll do
my best to describe it from memory (I'll take pictures later this week for anyone interested):

First cosmetics: it is missing a bezel, and most of the art is in poor
condition (partially scratched off, like someone tried to peel it off
and gave up half way into it). I think the marquee is intact, but I
could be wrong. It has control panel art, but if I remember correctly,
that is partially scratched off, too (again, if anyone's interested,
I'll take pictures before we make a deal). All the cosmetic problems
could probably be corrected by buying a bezel and new art for this

As to it's functionality, it always had a problem: about midway into
game play it usually freezes up a reboots. Not always - I have played it all the way through, but it restarted a few times before it let me get through it. Someone on this board had suggested to me that it could be fixed with a new power supply, so I bought one, but I don't know if I got the right one, and never knew how to install it. That power supply, for what it's worth, is a bonus for whoever trades with me :)

Oh - there's also a four player WWF game PCB I bought back then
thinking I was going to learn all about JAMMA and switch this in and out of the machine. You get that, too.

As to what I'm looking for, ultimately I'll take anything standard
size. I'd LOVE a two player version of this game (I know they made
them). I also would like Street Fighter 2 or a side scrolling action game like X-Men.

The only requirement is that it needs to work well. If the art is
intact, that would be nice, but is not necessary.

Please e-mail me: if you are interested or have any questions.



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