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Ad ID: 100740-11841 Posted on 1/23/2006 Expires on 2/6/2006
Logic boards+ Controls + Marquees
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 Contact Information
Posted by: protonboy
Location: Atlanta Georgia
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 Ad Description
I am selling my collection of arcade logic boards, marquees and controllers. I have several JAMA harnesses, tons of buttons and joysticks including rotary controllers, track ball controllers, hall effect controllers, steering wheels. Marquees included for most of the games below. Games are working unless noted. I have extra ROMs for many games. I have three control panels 1-Road Runner control panel with all the controls, 1- Mortal Combat II not stuffed, 1- Nintendo arm wrestling not stuffed. I have QTY 3-Bulls eye 9-inch monitors and qty 1-Nanao mid-res or standard-res (changeable with a slide switch) 27-inch monitor. I have pictures of most of my wares.

Logic boards in my possession. I have multiple copies of some of the below.

Bionic Commandos
Captain America
Contra (not working)
Crime Fighters
Double Dragon I and II
Golden Axe
Heavy Barrel
Ikaria Warrior III
Lethal Enforcer (including both guns)
Magic Sword
Moonwalker (batteries on the 6800 have failed)
Mr Do's Castle
Mortal combat II and I with soundboard
Main Event
Nastar Warrior
NBA Jams with soundboard
Pit fighter
Smash TV
Solar Warrior
Speed Rumbler
Super basketball
Street fighter II
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
UN squadron

Qty 3, Atari system I main boards

ROM BOARDS for system I main board

Indian Jones and the temple of doom
Marble Madness
Peter Packrat
Road Runner

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