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Ad ID: 100033-10304 Posted on 9/15/2003 Expires on 6/4/2007
WTB: PCBs and Artwork
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 Contact Information
Posted by: Cassady99
Location: Louisville Colorado
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 Ad Description
I'm looking for the following PCBs and artwork items:

"Arabian Magic" Artwork(Any)
"BC-Kid"/"PC-Genjin" PCB
"Bubble Bobble" Conversion kit control panel stickers set.
"Bubble Memories" Artwork (Any... but I prefer the plastic mini-marquee)
"Chack'n Pop" PCB (This is currently highest priority)
"Chack'n Pop" Artwork
"Cleopatra Fortune" Taito F3 Artwork(Marquee, bezel insert and/or instruction card(s))
"Cleopatra Fortune+" Naomi GD-Rom conversion kit
"Darius" PCB
"Darius 2" PCB (3 monitor version)
"Don Doko Don" Artwork (Any)
"Fairyland Story" Artwork (Any)
"Marvel Land" PCB and/or artwork
"The New Zealand Story II" PCB (Not the bi-level "bootleg")
"The Ninja Kids" Artwork (Any)
"Rod Land" PCB and/or artwork

If you have any of these, please contact me at your earliest convenience! Thank you!

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