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Yardville 5/22/04

By Michael Fitch

Well, 26 pins on the block today at the Yardville auction, along with a
smattering of Vids, 8-10 jukes, pachinko’s, and the usual selection of
arcade stuff, parts, and the 'bargain' items in the beginning (where I
always get suckered into buying something.... picked up one of those cheesy
low-voltage neon's, but I think the deal of the day was for the NOS Schwinn
Panther I grabbed for $65!).

This auction is Cash Only, but the premium fee is right at 5%, plus 6% NJ
Sales Tax (with the usual disclaimers for those with reseller’s paperwork).

In the vids section they had an original Atari Breakout, which didn't appear
to work, and a working Spy Hunter that caught my eye.  Missed the prices on
the Breakout, Spy Hunter went for around $225.  Someone picked up a bargain
on a working Tekken, something insane like $200. (Disclaimer... I usually
don't pay close attention during the video prices...I'm there for the pins!)

The sleeper of the day was a water-logged Addams Family.  Story was the guy
had it stored at his uncle’s property to keep it 'safe', but the roof of the
place blew off during the winter and it got buried in snow & rain... cabinet
and guts were in pretty bad shape, all the mechs were rusted/corroded.
Boards were good, the game did reset, DMD was good, all parts where there,
and the PF was good (but possibly warped, although I couldn't tell from
looking). Bidding got off to a slow start at $4-500 as a parts machine, but
it broke to a fever pitch, rapidly shot to over $1,300, and finally ended at
$1,675. Incredible! I hope it came w/a case of Fabreeze!

The missed bargain was a clean Mario Andretti that went for $775; with the
Indy 500 next week; this one should be capable of bringing a lot more. After
the hammer fell I realized what I missed :-(

Most of the pins were fully working, in pretty clean condition. Some
really decent cabinets in the mix today, overall a good selection and very fair prices.

'nuf stuff, here's the scoop......

Game Sale Price - Comments

Waterworld 700
Machine:  Bride of Pinbot, The 800
Machine:  Bride of Pinbot, The 800
Mario Andretti 775 deal
Hook 825
Lethal Weapon 3 775
Last Action Hero 750
Hurricane 925
Demolition Man 975
Gilligan's Island 1150
Star Wars 1300
Star Trek: The Next Generation 1500 Buy Back?
Twilight Zone 1300 severe pf wear near flippers
Tales From the Crypt 1000
Terminator 2, Judgment Day 1150
Judge Dredd 950
Black Rose 975 cannon wear; I was talking when this went off, so
I might be a few $$ off
Laser Ball 150 Not working
Stars (Stern) 160 works, 1 or 2 display out
Royal Rumble, WWF 1075
Baywatch 1000 very clean condition
Fish Tales 1250 tempted on this one, but I'm too cheap
Dracula, Bram Stoker's 1075
Rescue 911 875
Shaq Attaq 525
Addams Family, The 1625 severe water damage


Thanks Michael! Everyone looks forward to hearing from you for the next Auction!

Check back often for new auction results!

Incentives and gifts given for auction results! Email us for more information.


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