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Toronto, Ontario, Canada Auction September. 18, 2004

By Bob Barlen

I was at the Auction today (September 18, 2004) at Starburst Coin
in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. There weren't a lot of pinball machines, but
here's what they sold for. All prices are in Canadian dollars:

1. Gottlieb Genesis - $300
2. Gottlieb World Challenge Soccer - $600
3. Bally Evel Knievel (with a different game's playfield installed) - $300
4. Williams Gorgar - $650 (looked like good condition, played well,
backglass OK, playfield good)
5. Gottlieb Street Fighter 2 - $800
6. Williams World Cup '94 - $1000 (DMD busted, right flipper didn't work,
looked pretty beat)
7. Williams Demolition Man - $1000 (Looked like it was in good shape, 2
lines of DMD burned out)
8. Williams Revenge From Mars - $2500 (No general illumination, monitor
looked good)
9. Stern Sharkey's Shootout - $1300
10. Williams Who Dunnnit? - $1375

This is the first auction I've been to, and I didn't buy anything. I hope to
get my first pinball machine soon. The Demolition Man seems like it was the
best deal as far as the newer machines go.

The Next Auction is October 30, 2004.

Thanks Bob!

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