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Milwaukee SuperAuction 1/8/05

By Erik Jacobs

A rather sad day at the Milwaukee SuperAuction -- Only 10 pins and most of
them were rough....

Popeye - spinner wasn't working, broke nplastics- $950
Star Wars DE - DMD not working, sporadic play - $900
Attack From Mars - I was excited to see this one, until I got close. A ton
of playfield touchup work (cheesy work), cabinet had some bad touch-up work.
Torn inserts; bubbled mylar; broken main saucer; missing smaller saucer;
mismatched martian targets; balls stuck in stroke of luck popper - It wasn't
playing either. Overall a real dog - $1800
Street Fighter II - not bad - $800
Cue Ball Wizard - The best pin there - $925
Lethal Weapon 3 - not working, but cosmetically ok - $675
Jurassic Park - no header; missing 2 boards - $250. This one actually sold
for $710, then the guy must have looked in the cabinet and saw the missing
boards. Reauctioned. My $275 bid was late and it sold for $250.
Cosmetically not in bad shape
KISS - Nicely restored; Alltek MPU; playfield overlay (?); repro BG(?) - cab
a little nicked but not bad - $1925
Wild Life (EM) - $475
Elvis - NIB - $3500 (buyback?)



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