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Cherry Hill Auction results for August 28, 2004

By Michael Fitch

Heat and tons of video games were the order for the day, with TONS of video
game and cabinet bargains (like 5 for $1.00 bargains!
At least double the number of video games than you usually see in Cherry
Hill , with some real good bargains on working machines, including some
desirables.  Multicades still fetch a lot, home owners really dig the idea
of getting multiple games in 1 cabinet.
The bargain of the day that I am still kicking myself from passing on was a
Mata Hari, complete with the dagger writing and fresh rubbers, for $300.
This thing was a cream puff, fully working, with bright displays, nice
backglass, and a good playfield and cabinet.  The only detriment were two
addition mini posts, one added between the flippers, and one added in the
middle of the playfield between the drop targets. If I didn't have my eye on
2 WPC games (plus I already bought 2 video games), I would have snapped it.
Once I got everything unloaded, I still regret not getting it (and making a
THIRD trip to Cherry Hill !).
Not many pins, but except for a number of display issues on the DMD's, most
of the games were pretty decent. I have seen other opinions on the quality
of the pins.... I guess my standards are a bit lower.....but just like
Olympic gymnastics judges, not everyone sees things the same :-)
'Nuff Stuff, here are the prices:
Totem 225 poor glass, but working
Time 2000 50 no legs
Tee'd Off 775
Last Action Hero 700
Street Fighter II 575
Rescue 911 700
Lethal Weapon 3 675
Road Show 1350 mylar wear, very minor pf wear,buyback
Super Mario Bros. 685
Wipe Out 625
Space Shuttle 400 worn playfield, wouldn't reset
World Series 100 pf wear, all bases, not working
Demolition Man 725
Super Star (wlms) 75 not working, intermittent gi
Speak Easy 4 110 switch problem, flaking backglass
Doctor Who 600 dmd problem, no header
Dracula, BS's 750 dmd problem
Mata Hari 300 nice, clean, worked, dagger writing, extra pf posts
Last Action Hero 625 dmd problem
Thanks again Michael!

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