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Baltimore/Timonium Auction Results 5/15/04

By Michael Fitch

   This had to be one of the largest auctions I have been to in terms of
   quantity. Auction Game Sales did a tremendous job in the heat, and multiple
   people I talked too commented on the professional job they did;
   The staff were all on the ball, professional, and efficient (IMO).
   Due to the qty of games, after the smaller stuff in the beginning, they split
   into 2 groups with 2 auctions running simultaneously. Not a problem unless
   you are there by yourself and wanted something in both groups! The way it
   was laid out, all the pins were in one group. They finished up by about
   4:45 running 2 groups.... probably would have been after 9:00pm if they
   Next nice experience was the pins were mixed around the room(s).... so no
   waiting until the very end to get to the pins... they had about 6 in the
   beginning, another batch of about 10-12 in the early stages of the vids,
   then a large batch after some of the redemption games., and a smattering
   near the finish.
   I picked up an original Space Invaders w/a real nice original cabinet for
   $160, has some problems in the video or board... at that price, I didn't
   spend a lot of time thinking about the problem or fix, I figured I'd snap it
   up and deal with it when I got home... multicade systems were selling for
   crazy money.... that is for refurbished/recycled cabinets a lot of the
   time... gotta start building I guess...
   No real bargains on pins... Corvette was a buyback, shadow was real nice...
   everything else went near book value when you factor the premiums and tax.
   Not overpriced if you wanted most of these games, but some still had
   Enough commentary, here are the results
   Game Hammer Price 

Apollo 13 1000
Barb`Wire 700
Barb`Wire 1000
Batman 600
Baywatch 800
Big Hurt, Frank Thomas 625
Big Hurt, Frank Thomas 700
Corvette 1850 nice
Cover Girl 400 cab repainted 1962 wedge
Demolition Man 700
Doctor Who 525 not working
Dracula, Bram Stoker's 1000

Eight Ball Deluxe 675
Eight Ball Deluxe L.E. 650
Evel Knievel 600 pf wear, nice bg, decent cabinet
F-14 Tomcat 600
Firepower 300 audit display
Flash 400
Flintstones 975
Frankenstein, Mary Shelley's 775
Freedom 525 ball swirl, but generally nice
Galaxy 125 not set up/dirty
Game Show, The 600
Gladiators 525
High Roller Casino 1500
Hook 825
Hurricane 700
Hurricane 800
Hurricane 875
Indiana Jones 2150
Jack-in-the-Box 550
Jokerz! 575
Last Action Hero 525
Last Action Hero 650
Last Action Hero 875
Lethal Weapon 3 650
lotr 4100
Machine: Bride of Pinbot, 775
Machine:Bride of Pinbot, 800
Mars, God of War 250
Maverick The Movie 875
Monopoly 2800
Mr Mrs. Pac-Man 225 not working
No Fear Dangerous Sports 1200
Party Zone 675
Party Zone 750
Rocky and Bullwinkle Friends 1100
Royal Rumble, WWF; 550
Royal Rumble, WWF 600
Shadow, The1150 very clean/shopped
Shaq Attaq 500
Shaq Attaq 750
Shaq Attaq 800
Sharkey's Shootout 1250
Sharkey's Shootout 1400
Space Station 700 reset prob/ was apart most of the day
Star Wars(DE) 950
Stargate 625

Stargate 625
Street Fighter II 500
Street Fighter II 550
Street Fighter II 700
stargate 800
Tales of the Arabian Nights 2175 ball missing prob
Tee'd Off 825
Tee'd Off 825
Terminator 2, Judgment Day; 1250
Terminator 3, Rise of the Machines; 2500
Toledo 275
Twilight Zone 1850 missing parts/multi ball prob
Viper Night Driving 1575
Whirlwind 850
White Water 825
WHO?dunnit 975
Wipe Out 625

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