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Baltimore/Timonium Auction Results for Oct. 30, 2004

By Michael Fitch

Tons of stuff at Timonium. They advertised over 800 games, if you count all
the skill stops and touchscreen games, had to be well over that. Over 100
pins alone, including project games, wood rails, bingos and a
bagatelle-style game called Prospector (which I wanted to buy, damn it, but
I forgot about it because it was hidden on the floor, and I started getting
ready to leave! If anyone knows what is sold for, please let me know).

The drama of the day was an announcement before the start of the video game
auctions that some games 'contained illegal boards' and were not allowed to
be sold. These were the Multicade systems, and someone (I suspect one of
the local distributors) brought it to the attention of the auctioneers a
possible legality w/licensing.

Someone brought new repro cabinets that looked really good, but they were
empty. Not sure what they sold for, but they looked nicely constructed, and
would be excellent for your own multicade project :-).

Video games available ranged from a mini-me size donkey-kong, up to the
newest multi-unit linked racing games. I also learned yesterday that a lot
of the megatouch machines run a flavor of linux, and Arctic Thunder runs on
Windows 2000. (Yeah, I'm a tech geek).

'Nuff Stuff, here are the prices....

Game Price Notes

Frankenstein, Mary Shelley's 925
Black Hole 500 working Sys80!
Cyclone 975
Rocky and Bullwinkle & Friends 900
Diner 1075 insert wear
Gold Wings 375
Ripley's Believe It or Not! 2800 may be a buyback
Junk Yard 1575
World Cup Soccer 1025
Hook 975
Hurricane 1050
Indiana Jones 1775 no biplane, shooter prob
Harley Davidson 1950
Fish Tales 1275
Corvette 1475 insert wear, display problem
elvis gold nib 4750 phone bidder, New In Box
Dracula, Bram Stoker's 775
Simpsons Pinball Party, The 3100
Elvis 3625
Batman 625
Roller Coaster Tycoon 2100
Monopoly 2200
Austin Powers 2000
t-zone 1900 not too bad.... needed cleaning
Tropicana 200
Rescue 911 775
Addams Family, The 1975 bad pf wear, like the paint chpped/peeledtouched
Star Wars Episode I - The Phantom Menace 2400
Scared Stiff 2700
Cyclone 1025
Pinball Magic 1000 clean machine, sone cab chips on head
Simpsons, The 800
Fireball Classic 625
Cue Ball Wizard 1050
Mousin' Around! 675
Popeye Saves the Earth 825
Star Wars 1400
Spring Break 400 working?
Flash 275
Stardust 300
Star Trek: The Next Generation 1750
No Fear: Dangerous Sports 1025
Terminator 3, Rise of the Machines 2150
Jurassic Park 900
Rollergames 750
Shadow, The 1000
Count-Down 225
Monster Bash 2900
Meteor 425
Popeye Saves the Earth 850
Johnny Mnemonic 875
F-14 Tomcat 450 nw displays, played well
Captain Fantastic 120 Home version, don't get excited!
Future Spa 150
Street Fighter II 625
Totem 200
Space Shuttle 475 played well
Maverick The Movie 875
Strange Science 350 parts/project
Solar Ride 150 nw
Stars 110
Creature From the Black Lagoon in 3D 1650
Disco Fever 50 nw
slugfest 850 redemtion baseball
Pistol Poker 550
Pool Sharks 750
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 425
Road Show 1400
Baywatch 900
Argosy 425 nice bg
Barb`Wire 1000 nice clean, shopped
nudgeit 150 mini gtlb, one of 2
Super-Flite 700
Winner 175
Egg Head 350 nice pf, bg flaking
Cue Ball Wizard 725
Pinball Magic 775 not as nice as the first
Road Show 1300 fish wear, rough touch-up
Funhouse 1475
Bad Cats 750
Space Shuttle missed
No Fear: Dangerous Sports 950
Creature From the Black Lagoon in 3D missed
Jurassic Park 1050
X-Files, The 900
Lethal Weapon 3 725
Rack 'Em Up missed
Old Plantation 20? woodrail, wouldn't do much at auction time
Addams Family, The 2400
Terminator 2, Judgment Day 850
Indiana Jones 2300
Spark Plugs 375 animated woodrail, if I wasn't so beat I would have
bought it
Doctor Who 750 w/topper
Cherry Bell 275
No Fear: Dangerous Sports 925
Eight Ball Deluxe L.E. 350 nw
Ice Fever 325 nw
Sinbad 100 nw
Playtime missed
Capt. Fantastic 1050 some pf wear
Tee'd Off 650 no dsp
White Water 850 no topper
Getaway, High Speed II, The missed
Doctor Who 950 w/topper
Lucky Seven missed
Tommy, The Who's Pinball Wizard missed

Thanks again Michael!

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